This week, Boney French creator Roger, shares with us his experiences as a new holiday home owner in the South of France, back in the 1970’s. The local interest an ex-pat brings about, as well as the cultural differences; rarely observed as an occasional holiday maker.

“I bought my first house in France in 1974, a ‘maison de village’, twelve feet wide but going back quite a fair way. There was no garden, so we took our chairs outside in the evening and talked with the neighbours over a glass of wine. Some people even sat outside and watched TV through the window.

“The house cost about £3,000. Being the only Brit in the valley, I was somewhat an object of curiosity; it took me half an hour to get my bread in the mornings, answering time and again questions about where I lived, how far it was from London, how many children I had, how old I was and many questions I can’t repeat about the Royal Family. It was all good practice and I made many nodding acquaintances. 

“In all the time we’ve had a holiday home in France, we’ve only been invited into French people’s houses four or five times and these were people who are not from the area but who have come here from elsewhere. They say that French in the South ‘receive on the threshold’; the idea of inviting someone in for a coffee is foreign to them; only family and very close friends seem to have this privilege.”

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My First Holiday Home in the South of France

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