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As a native English speaker learning French, you can often find yourself in funny situations when you are talking to a French person. It’s not always you who causes the shared laughter: I was once asked by a dear friend, after yet another superb dinner, if I’d like a glass of bellies. My hesitation caused him to get a bottle of … Baileys Irish Cream. How we laughed!

My most embarrassing moment came when my neighbour, often away, came back with a couple of friends. We exchanged pleasantries, some of which I didn’t quite get. He drove off and returned some time later. I asked if they had had a good time to which he replied that, yes, all went well with his father’s funeral. 

My wife, on an exchange aged about thirteen, was asked at lunch if she wanted more to eat and replied  “Merci, je suis pleine’ (no, thanks, I’m full), not knowing she’d said that she was pregnant. Table erupted.

All good fun and enjoyed by the French who are fond of a joke.

Roger Ayling – Creator of Boney French
A simple, down to earth and amusing approach to learning French.

Funny Situations When Conversing in French

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